3 Crazy Gambling Facts that Changed the Course of History

dvb - 3 Crazy Gambling Facts that Changed the Course of History

Gambling has been a part of human history since time immemorial. According to some studies, its history dates back thousands of years ago in China, when people back then began putting money on animal fights, as well as involving themselves in games such as lotto and dominoes.

Of course, there are gambling stories that made a mark in history, and through this article, we look back at the three most notable ones.

FedEx Was Saved from Bankruptcy Through Gambling

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Among all overnight delivery companies in the world, FedEx is one name that would definitely stand out. As the first company of its kind in the 1970’s, it pretty much introduced the world to the concept of quicker shipping to any part of the globe.

But during its first two years of operation, the company began to bleed out money, mainly due to constant expenses on fuel. As they approached the brink of bankruptcy, founder Frederick Smith decided to take action by flying to Las Vegas with the hopes of taking back home a hefty amount through blackjack.

With only $5,000 left in the company’s bank account, Smith brought it all along with him in Sin City and used it all up. Lucky for him, he was able to win $27,000, which was enough to keep the company afloat for another week.

FedEx eventually regained its footing and began to slowly but surely become the powerhouse company that it is today. All thanks to a gambling trip to Las Vegas.

Nevada’s State Prison Was Also a Casino for Inmates

The state of Nevada seems to celebrate the idea of being the United States’ gambling capital way too much. It was proven through the existence of a casino inside its state prison for a total of 35 years.

This setup ran through the penitentiary from 1932 until 1967, where inmates played poker, craps, and blackjack inside its “Bullpen”. Talk about giving those incarcerated a free afternoon of activities.

A new warden eventually stepped in to put a halt to the operation, bringing everyone inside back to the harsh reality that prison should never be a place for that much fun.

Ben Affleck Was Banned from a Las Vegas Casino Because of Card Counting

Who knew that Bruce Wayne also had Rainman’s tricks in his arsenal? Hollywood A-Lister Ben Affleck actually learned how to do some card counting, but unlike the slicksters that we see in the movies, he actually paid a price for it.

It all happened in 2014, when Affleck was playing a game of Blackjack at the Hard Rock Café. After a few win streaks, a security guard approached the actor and told him he was “too good.”

As the story goes, Affleck was thrown out from the casino and was subsequently slapped with a ban. Because while card counting is not exactly illegal, private entities like casino have the right to take action on patrons who do this practice.

It was definitely a lesson learned for Ben Affleck, who is now forbidden by many casinos to even come close to a blackjack table, even though he is still being offered complimentary dinners from time to time.

Were these facts crazy enough to surprise you? It just goes to show that gambling is indeed embedded deep within America’s culture in more ways than one.



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3 People with Headline-Worthy Stories About Gambling Winnings

RIO SUBTERRANEO featured image 2 - 3 People with Headline-Worthy Stories About Gambling Winnings

They say that hitting the jackpot with gambling happens as rarely as being struck by lightning. But once they do occur, you can expect that these stories are ones that you would not want to miss hearing about.

Many people from around the world have crazy stories about their gambling winnings, and we look at three notable ones that actually happened in real life.

Man Wins Big Bet on Grandson

It is normal for a grandparent to have high expectations of success from their grandchildren. But this Liverpool man decided to take this idea to a whole new level.

62-year-old Peter Edwards decided to post a bet that his grandson Harry Wilson would one day suit up for the Wales National Football team when he grows old. At the time Edwards made the £50 ($80) bet in 2000, Wilson was still a toddler. But since the possibilities of it happening back then were slim to none, the local wagering house gave him a 2,500-1 for the odds.

Fast forward to 2013, when Wales played against the Belgium National team for the World Cup Qualifiers. It was during the second half of play when the young Wilson stepped into the pitch to enter the game. He was 16 years old at the time, making him the youngest member of the team.

It was definitely a big, pleasant surprise for Edwards, who won a whopping £125,000 ($200,000). This just goes to show how faith can go a long, lucrative way.

Greek Immigrant Wins $40 Million with Merely $50, then Loses It All

There is a reason why the saying “What Happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is a notable saying. It is because crazy things happen in Sin City, day in and day out.

This was proven by Greek immigrant Archie Karas, who decided to try his luck in Las Vegas in 1992, right after losing $2 million in Los Angeles from a poker game. He ventured into the gambling capital of America with just $50 in his pocket.

Karas seemingly knew his night was going well when he ran into a friend who lent him $10,000 to play a high stakes game of Razz. But after one hot streak after another, he continued to find his rhythm for the next three years, where he collected a total of $40 million.

But like many degenerate gamblers, Karas carried on with his habit, but went on to lose one game after another. Within a month’s time, his entire winnings were gone.

Karas may have wiped away all his winnings, but his short moment of glory still made him the stuff of legends.

Sean Connery and The Lucky Number 17

Apart from being one of the notable actors to play the role of James Bond, Sean Connery is also apparently known as an avid gambler. To make things more interesting, he is also apparently the type who is loyal to the numbers he plays.

In 1963, Connery decided to play some Roulette in a Casino in Italy, where he placed his bet on the number 17. He lost the first two times he played, but instead of being discouraged and walking away, he decided to try his luck one more time.

For Mr. Connery, third time was indeed a charm, as he hit number 17 this time around. It also came with a hefty prize, which at the time cost £10,750, which in today’s value is at £163,000 ($227,000).

These are just of the craziest stories surrounding people’s gambling winnings, which is almost always a guarantee in a game like this.…

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3 Surprising Benefits of Online Gambling You Probably Did Not Know

fbn - 3 Surprising Benefits of Online Gambling You Probably Did Not Know

Regular gamblers would traditionally opt for heading to their favorite casinos to try their luck at either blackjack, roulette or poker. But what if we told you that gambling online would actually be the better way to go about this habit?

In this article, we list down three advantages of online gambling that you probably did not know, and could very well urge you to do so from now on.

More Bonuses Await Online Gamblers pexels photo 442576 - 3 Surprising Benefits of Online Gambling You Probably Did Not Know

It goes without saying that winning easy money is the main driver for gamblers to carry on with this habit. But what you may not know is that you can take home a much bigger amount when you play online.

Most online gambling rooms come with a well-paying welcome bonuses, as well as free bets for first-time bettors. Such bonuses can go as high as a few hundred dollars, or whichever currency you use. This is a pretty good deal, especially if you are just trying your luck for the first time.

Gambling Online is Actually a Much Safer Option

One may think that since casino establishments have been around for the longest time, it would actually be the safer option compared to its online counterpart. In reality, it is the exact opposite.

For one, you will not need to carry around a huge amount of cash with you, since most transactions can be done through the computer. Secondly, a good majority of online casinos are actually respectable business and are legitimately regulated by governing bodies, so you won’t have to worry about being scammed.

Gambling Online Can Be Better for Your Health

pexels photo 207582 - 3 Surprising Benefits of Online Gambling You Probably Did Not Know

Have you gone on a night out with friends to a local casino and end up smelling like a used ash tray? That is because most casinos allow cigarette smoking within its facilities, not to mention the free flowing alcohol that is available.

You can manage all of these if you play online instead. If you are not a smoker, you can cut out the cigarettes, and drink smaller amounts, based on your tolerance. These may seem as non-factors, but ridding yourself from too much cigarette smoke exposure can actually pay dividends in the long run.

The next time you choose to do some gambling, you may want to consider doing it online, instead. You will just have to make sure that it is legal in the country you plan to do it in.…

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3 Possible Outcomes If Sports Gambling Was Legalized in the United States

RIO SUBTERRANEO featured image 1 - 3 Possible Outcomes If Sports Gambling Was Legalized in the United States

In the United States, sports gambling is illegal on a federal level, except for Delaware, Nevada and Montana. The main proponent for this ruling has been about avoiding scandals such as point shaving and fixing, and ultimately keep the integrity of sports.

But in early December, the US Supreme Court has opened up the idea of legalizing and regulating gambling throughout the other US states. Professional sports leagues like the NBA, for one, agrees with this move.

The big question now is, what are the likely outcomes if sports gambling would be legalized throughout the United States? In this article, we present three possible scenarios.

Gambling Addiction May Increase

pexels photo - 3 Possible Outcomes If Sports Gambling Was Legalized in the United States Studies have revealed that approximately 2.5 million adult Americans suffer from compulsive gambling, with 3 million of them considered as “problem gamblers.” However, it is believed that these numbers could further spike up if gambling would be legalized throughout the entire country.

Of course, there is also the possibility for the exact opposite to happen, especially if sports gambling would be properly regulated.

Major Telecommunication Companies Will Be Involved

pexels photo 630839 - 3 Possible Outcomes If Sports Gambling Was Legalized in the United States

If sports gambling does get legalized on a countrywide scale, experts are expecting major players to want in on the action. According to a 2017 ESPN report, big wig corporations such as Microsoft, Sony, and Reuters have already applied for betting patents, and in a decade’s time, it is expected that major telecommunication companies will likely be involved.

If this does happen, America, and eventually the rest of the world, would be going through another major development in terms of what is acceptable as a norm, just like how recreational cannabis use has been a game-changer.

More Game Officials Could Get Involved, Which Would Cause Controversies

pexels photo 41257 - 3 Possible Outcomes If Sports Gambling Was Legalized in the United States

Another possible downside for the countrywide legalization of sports betting would be the involvement of game officials. In 2007, NBA referee Tim Donaghy was charged with two felonies in relation to his activities of wagering on games he was officiating. After pleading guilty to the charges, he was eventually released on a $250,000 bail.

Similar to the addiction possibility, it is not a guarantee that more referees would follow Donaghy’s footsteps. But if it would, then the US government may want to carefully think about their decision, before approving legalization.

These are just some scenarios that may happen if sports gambling would be legalized on a federal level in the United States. While it does look like a huge money-making venture for those involved, here’s hoping that the integrity of sports would not be compromised.

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3 Signs of Gambling Addiction and How to Deal with Them

RIO SUBTERRANEO featured image - 3 Signs of Gambling Addiction and How to Deal with Them

Anyone who has first hand experiences on the subject matter may agree that any form of gambling is more of a disease than just a habit. People would most often than not require professional help in order to deal with it in the best way possible.

Like with alcohol and drugs, people can be addicted to gambling and the rush of winning. The problem arises when the losing streak begins, but the dependency remains strong, that people would end up ruining their lives because of one bad decision after another.

In this article, we spot three distinct signs or symptoms of gambling addiction, and several ways to deal with the problem.

Sign Number 1: Having the Need to Hide Gambling Habits

It is one thing to have a gambling habit on the down low, but feeling the need to keep it a secret like you were living a double life is another conversation altogether. This means that the habit has been so consuming, that being reminded of it is not a fun thought to have.

The silver lining in this situation is that once this is recognized, there is a good chance to avoid falling into the hole of addiction.

Sign Number 2: Compromised Personal Relationships

You know your gambling addiction is getting into an uncontrollable state when the people around you are greatly affected by it. Because of constantly trying to get that fix, gambling addicts end up driving away their friends and family.

Once this happens, you must consider seeking professional help. You would not want to let this worsen any further.

Sign Number 3: Resorting to Theft

pexels photo 221539 - 3 Signs of Gambling Addiction and How to Deal with Them

If you have gotten to this stage of the addiction, you are already in deep trouble. This time, you have put yourself at risk to attract negative attention from the law.

Judaism and Christianity have “thou shall not steal” as part of their Ten Commandments, and it is there for a reason. When this happens, there is no other viable option but to seek professional help.

Dealing with Gambling Addiction

People who are battling any form of addiction know that the very first step to combat this disease would be to recognize that it is there. You would not be able to take the necessary steps if you would not concede to the fact that there is a problem that needs to be dealt with.

For those who are not yet that deep into the addiction, there are self-assessment tests that can be found online. Through a series of questions, you will be able to gauge the severity of your condition and the necessary actions you can take.

But if you are already down that hole, you can be treated through various forms of therapy such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, which essentially aims to rid your system of the unhealthy habits brought on by the addiction. There are also rehabilitation programs that are available, where people who need treatment are given round-the-clock care.

If you or you know someone who is afflicted by gambling addiction, be sure to recognize these signs early, way before the situation worsens.…

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3 Simple but Helpful Tips on Making Money Through Gambling Online

computer 1583432 960 720 1 - 3 Simple but Helpful Tips on Making Money Through Gambling Online

It is no secret that gambling online could be one of the fastest ways to earn a quick buck. With the perfect combination of luck and strategy, you could be very well on your way to becoming the big shot you have always dreamed yourself to becoming.

However, you must also remember that while great rewards are at stake, it must mean that great risks must be taken as well. Once people fall into the trap of taking one giant leap after another, this is when they usually end up in a deep hole that would take a lot of work to climb out of.

There are a few things you will need to keep in mind if you plan to make money off gambling online, and this is what we will be discussing in this article.

Pick the Right Game for You

casino 2336610 960 720 - 3 Simple but Helpful Tips on Making Money Through Gambling Online

Ideally, it would be best if you have played casino games such as poker, blackjack, and craps, but if you are confident enough about your skills as a beginner, then by all means, dive right in.

The game you choose to play will also matter greatly. If you happen to have an obsession for math and numbers, and have a sharp memory to go along with it, poker and blackjack would be the games for you. If you are a big football, basketball, or boxing fan, you can try your luck at sports betting.

It would definitely help to know what exactly you are getting yourself into, as opposed to just going in there blindly with no idea about what you are doing. It would always pay to be safe than sorry, especially when there is money involved.

Set Aside a Gambling Budget

currency 3125447 960 720 - 3 Simple but Helpful Tips on Making Money Through Gambling Online

Whether you are a regular in Las Vegas or Atlantic City in the United States, or any other casino in the world, it would be best if you had an allotted amount to be spent on gambling. And upon experts’ advice, you can put about 1% of that budget at risk, and you will be perfectly fine.

This is actually a very practical idea, considering how addicting online gambling can be. Those who tend to lose control are those who end up going as far as selling assets just to keep the habit alive.

With a stable gambling budget, your savings and essential earnings are kept safe from unnecessary spending. Just make sure to live within your means and not overspend on this kind of luxury.

Have a Generous Amount of Self-Discipline

counting 3125587 960 720 - 3 Simple but Helpful Tips on Making Money Through Gambling Online

This is closely tied to the previous item, which is also about not going over the set budget. Discipline is key for any gambler, especially those who have been successful making a living out of it.

Losing will always be part of this game, which means you will have to accept it with open arms. Avoid being that lunatic who would constantly try to get these losses back, only to lose some more. That is easy money down the drain.

The key to become a successful gambler is to know when to stop. Set some limits and compel yourself not to go over them.

Keep these simple tips in mind, and you will have a greater chance of success, even in a luck-based game such as online gambling. Most importantly, do not forget to have fun. Cheers!…

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3 Effective Ways to Help Someone with a Gambling Problem

nd - 3 Effective Ways to Help Someone with a Gambling Problem

Because of fears of falling into the pit of addiction or other personal reasons, you may have kept yourself away from developing a gambling problem. But what if you know someone close to you who is struggling with it.

This article should help you, the person outside looking in, to help a friend, peer, or family member deal with a gambling problem before it consumes them entirely.

Recognize Distinct Signs

pexels photo 859264 - 3 Effective Ways to Help Someone with a Gambling Problem

Anyone with a gambling problem would likely display some distinct traits that you as an observer must not miss. One underlying factor is that most compulsive gamblers view their habit as a form of escape and a source of happiness.

Some things you might want to look out for are people who put gambling at the center of their lives that they take time off work just to get that fix. Many of them are also known to be great risk-takers, and while this may also mean that this person is plainly a daredevil by nature, you may want to err on the side of caution.

Talking Always Helps

pexels photo 601170 - 3 Effective Ways to Help Someone with a Gambling Problem

The best way to deal with a problem is still to attack it head on, and one good way to go about it is to confront the person you think is having such compulsive tendencies. Any individual with a gambling problem would likely be on self-denial, so it would be your responsibility to guide them through embracing it.

Be sure to employ a more understanding approach, as opposed to having a more aggressive and judgmental tone to your language. Most importantly, keep those communication lines open and accessible at all times.

Offer Professional Help

pexels photo 618550 - 3 Effective Ways to Help Someone with a Gambling Problem

If the problem has gotten to a point where it is more destructive, you may want to urge the beleaguered individual to seek medical attention for this problem. More than anything, it should be a form of prevention, rather than a late response.

Like how talking does, be sure to approach this in a constructive and caring way, to avoid antagonizing the person any further.

If you know someone who is struggling with gambling addiction, be sure to be on top of things and immediately take the necessary steps to solve the problem.…

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