3 People with Headline-Worthy Stories About Gambling Winnings

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They say that hitting the jackpot with gambling happens as rarely as being struck by lightning. But once they do occur, you can expect that these stories are ones that you would not want to miss hearing about.

Many people from around the world have crazy stories about their gambling winnings, and we look at three notable ones that actually happened in real life.

Man Wins Big Bet on Grandson

It is normal for a grandparent to have high expectations of success from their grandchildren. But this Liverpool man decided to take this idea to a whole new level.

62-year-old Peter Edwards decided to post a bet that his grandson Harry Wilson would one day suit up for the Wales National Football team when he grows old. At the time Edwards made the £50 ($80) bet in 2000, Wilson was still a toddler. But since the possibilities of it happening back then were slim to none, the local wagering house gave him a 2,500-1 for the odds.

Fast forward to 2013, when Wales played against the Belgium National team for the World Cup Qualifiers. It was during the second half of play when the young Wilson stepped into the pitch to enter the game. He was 16 years old at the time, making him the youngest member of the team.

It was definitely a big, pleasant surprise for Edwards, who won a whopping £125,000 ($200,000). This just goes to show how faith can go a long, lucrative way.

Greek Immigrant Wins $40 Million with Merely $50, then Loses It All

There is a reason why the saying “What Happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is a notable saying. It is because crazy things happen in Sin City, day in and day out.

This was proven by Greek immigrant Archie Karas, who decided to try his luck in Las Vegas in 1992, right after losing $2 million in Los Angeles from a poker game. He ventured into the gambling capital of America with just $50 in his pocket.

Karas seemingly knew his night was going well when he ran into a friend who lent him $10,000 to play a high stakes game of Razz. But after one hot streak after another, he continued to find his rhythm for the next three years, where he collected a total of $40 million.

But like many degenerate gamblers, Karas carried on with his habit, but went on to lose one game after another. Within a month’s time, his entire winnings were gone.

Karas may have wiped away all his winnings, but his short moment of glory still made him the stuff of legends.

Sean Connery and The Lucky Number 17

Apart from being one of the notable actors to play the role of James Bond, Sean Connery is also apparently known as an avid gambler. To make things more interesting, he is also apparently the type who is loyal to the numbers he plays.

In 1963, Connery decided to play some Roulette in a Casino in Italy, where he placed his bet on the number 17. He lost the first two times he played, but instead of being discouraged and walking away, he decided to try his luck one more time.

For Mr. Connery, third time was indeed a charm, as he hit number 17 this time around. It also came with a hefty prize, which at the time cost £10,750, which in today’s value is at £163,000 ($227,000).

These are just of the craziest stories surrounding people’s gambling winnings, which is almost always a guarantee in a game like this.

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