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At a young age, Melvin Cavanaugh has been obsessed with gambling, but within reason. He would start off playing a friendly game of Gin Rummy with his peers, and would constantly win each hand every single time.

Melvin also had a deep fascination with math and all things numbers, which led him to the game of blackjack in his late teen years. Just like how he was as whiz kid of Gin Rummy, dealers did not stand a chance against him whenever he was at a table.

But instead of letting the gambling life consume him in the worst ways possible, Melvin decided to take his love for gambling to a new level and make a living out of it. Through his early 20’s, he came up with the idea for Rio Subterraneo, which eventually became the digital haven for people like him with the love for gambling.

Today, Rio Subterraneo is the go-to website for all things gambling-related, from events to poker tournaments, and discounts to some of the best casinos Las Vegas has to offer. In just 4 years of operation, Melvin’s expectations have already been surpassed, and he is expecting more growth in the years to come.